. . . Monday April 26, 2004

Won’t Waffle for Wafers

The Vatican is has been putting out the word that politicians who favor a woman’s right to choose should possibly be prevented from taking communion. Not that the Vatican wants to get involved with American politics. And not that the timing of this floated idea has anything to do with the upcoming election. It’s just a coincidence that these hints are being dropped now as opposed to say, when Arnold was running for governor or when Rudy was running for mayor or during George Pataki’s re-election bid. And it’s totally unrelated to the fact that Kerry is, well, Jewish (incidentally, Jewish leaders have countered the suggestion by the Vatican by indicating that politicians can take either side on the issue as long as they feel guilty about it).

You’ve got to give these guys credit. The Vatican moralizing about the American political and legal systems at this point is the equivalent of Tony Montana telling his sister how to act in Scarface.

In other news, no final decision regarding communion has been made when it comes to starting a war after the Pope begs you not to. Expect those comments to come out sometime next December.

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