. . . Sunday April 4, 2004

When Parody Seems Unreachable

During a recent episode of The Apprentice (otherwise known as the Trump Corporation’s 60 minute infomercial), The Donald got out of a self-branded helicopter at what will undoubtedly become the world’s greatest golf course. As he was describing its (and by extension, his) excellence, he paused mid-sentence to yell over to a guy operating a tractor, “OK, fellas, let’s make it nice and smooth. Nice and smooth.”

The moment represented one of Trump’s most effective defense mechanisms. He cannot be parodied. The reality is too ridiculous. Actually, SNL proved this weekend that parodying Trump is not totally impossible. But to do it, you need Trump. And indeed they got him to host the show and he was able, on occasion, to actually out-Donald himself. The peak of his performance (I’d say he was playing the part of himself, but how would that be different from every other moment of his life?) came during a song and dance skit (yes, The Donald dances) that celebrated Trump’s latest offering: A chicken wing restaurant. And for those of you who are big fans of celery, Trump offered this great news. It’s always completely free.

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