. . . Friday April 16, 2004

The Weakness Stakes

Fred Thompson: “What is weakness? Weakness is when America’s leaders compare Iraq to Vietnam, announcing to the world a faltering resolve to see our mission through.”

Weakness is also playing the patriotism card everytime someone raises a valid criticism of your man in the White House. Weakness is also the narrowing down of some very important questions to be asked about how we got here and where we’re going when it comes to Iraq into a specific phrase voiced by Ted Kennedy. Forget the Vietnam comparison. We love to waste cycles on that kind of crap.

How about this. If someone makes it clear that there are no similarities between Vietnam and Iraq, then can they voice an opposing comment about the war?

For example, could one still be viewed as patriotic if they made the following points:

“I’m surprised that [Rumsfeld] is surprised because there was a lot of us who were telling him that it was going to be thus [the latest surge of violence in Iraq]. Anyone could know the problems they were going to see. How could they not?”

“I think that some heads should roll over Iraq. I think the president got some bad advice.”

“We’re betting on the U.N., who we blew off and ridiculed during the run-up to the war. Now we’re back with hat in hand. It would be funny if not for the lives lost.”

Hopefully Thompson doesn’t view such statements as an act of aiding the enemy. I’ve never thought of Gen. Anthony Zinni as that type of guy.

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