. . . Thursday April 1, 2004

Update: It’s Only Friggin’ April, Fools

From the NY Times: “Mr. Kerry’s low profile occurs at what would seem to be a particularly opportune time for the senator. Mr. Bush has been struggling with questions about his record on terrorism, and Mr. Kerry had been riding on a wave of excitement after his capture of the Democratic nomination.

“Yet Mr. Kerry was off the campaign trail yet again on Wednesday, this time for shoulder surgery in Boston, an operation expected to sideline him through Sunday. The surgery followed his weeklong disappearance to the slopes of Sun Valley.”

I know sometimes it’s hard to come up with a political analysis of shoulder surgery, but this is really over-doing it. First, it’s better that Kerry has been out of the spotlight during the time when Bush is facing negative momentum. Second, and more importantly, it’s only April. Would it be better if Kerry had his surgery in August or September. Better he takes care of it now so he’s fully ready to pitch in the playoffs.

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