. . . Thursday April 1, 2004

Talk Clean to Me

The FCC held a daylong meeting to discuss ways that media corporations can better limit the amount of so-called indecency that gets out over the airwaves. Not much headway was made during the meetings. National Association of Broadcasters president and CEO Eddie Fritts explained afterwards that one of the potential options left open was for nothing at all to be done (otherwise known as sanity): “You have to start somewhere. And today we started with a dialogue.” Unfortunately, the best dialogue was bleeped out so no one paid much attention.

Meanwhile, even top folks at the FCC are expressing concerns over recently approved Congressional legislation that allows the government to fine individual performers (as opposed to station owners) up to $500,000 for each act of indecency.

In other indecency news, thanks in large part to Howard Stern’s relentless on-air lobbying, the FCC is now investigating afternoon soaps and Oprah.

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