. . . Monday April 5, 2004

Tag Team Testimony

It is the big week that will feature Condi Rice’s much-hyped testimony in front of the 9-11 commission. Dan Froomkin covers the web to piece together a preview of how she is prepping, what questions she will be asked, why she is testifying in the first place and more. You can even find a list of 20 things you may not have known about Rice. And what job might she get if this goes well? If it goes badly? This all really does have some pretty significant American Idol parallels.

I’d like to see more coverage of the other side of the deal that was struck to finally get Rice in front of the public panel. The administration demanded that Bush and Cheney could appear together during their testimony. Forget for a second that this is on every level, absurd. Let’s just focus on the politics. The joint testimony plays into the core of the concerns some have about W’s intelligence and the notion that Cheney is running things in this administration. There must be some powerful arguments that would lead the administration to wholeheartedly support the worst fears people have about the President.

Either that or they know that in a country so evenly and staunchly divided, details such as a tag-team testimony aren’t going to make any difference anyway.

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