. . . Sunday April 4, 2004

Shirting the Issue

Hey, she’s 1-0 when it comes to presidential election results, so it’s big news that Karen Hughes is basically back in the campaign biz working for W. Her return comes with the release of her book Ten Minutes from Normal. It could have just as easily been titled Ten Hours from the Truth. In her coming out party on Meet the Press, Hughes defended everything about the President, often masterfully. On the WMD issue? Heck, we can’t even yet be sure that nothing will be found. These things take time. Even the flightsuit was positioned as the right move. Asked to name a mistake that W made in his first term, she drew a blank (hey, when you’re good, you’re good).

So was there any sign of weakness in the now well-rested spinmaster’s presentation. Oh yes. The shirt, which was at least ten years from being in style (and even then, only at certain B tier rodeo events). The frills were downright scary and may even have been displayed in an attempt to create a Kryptonite-effect on dumbfounded Dems. I can only hope Wonkette can get to the bottom of this attire selection, thus freeing the Kerry team to get back down to business.

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