. . . Tuesday April 27, 2004

Say Goodbye to Dennis Franz’s Ass

NYPD Blue has long been pushing the envelope on what could be included in a network drama. But now no one is pushing the envelope. Instead they’re sealing it. Forget creativity and standing up for piddly issues like freedom of speech.

Steven Bochco explains: “We unfortunately live in a time where we no longer have broadcasting philosophies. We have divisions of giant companies who do staggering amounts of business with the government. Because of their size and responsibility to shareholders, they’re prepared to accommodate anything rather than take on the government in ways that could cost money and damage their relationship with advertisers.”

Even majority rule (which is anything but ideal) is long gone when it comes to broadcasting standards. It’s not what you have the right to say or how the general public reacts. It’s who you offend. Even if that list only includes a couple of people.

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