. . . Monday April 19, 2004

Roll Out the Barrel

We are constantly reminded that while the President might not always be deeply engaged in the details of an issue, he is a man of conviction. He has a duty to free people. He really believes that is his calling – and you’re supposed to respect this determination even if that calling is coming from a god or a vice president (I’m choosing to make the distinction) instead of a Constitution or a Congress. But what happens when that conviction runs into a friend of the family and a deal on oil prices? In this new era of go-it-along conviction, with us or against us speeches, and moral certitude, shouldn’t we be getting tough with Saudi Arabia? Isn’t it W’s duty to work to free Saudi Arabians and to punish the royal family for its support of Wahhabism?

What happens, ultimately, when this cowboy conviction runs into this promise by Mr. Access, Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia?

“They’re [oil prices] high. And they could go down very quickly. That’s the Saudi pledge. Certainly over the summer, or as we get closer to the election, they could increase production several million barrels a day and the price would drop significantly.”

Concentration is important!