. . . Friday April 2, 2004

Rehab TV

Ozzy and Sharon not edgy enough for you? Nick and Jessica not giving you the ‘musicians at home’ fix you feel you need? Well, how about a reality program that follows the life of Bobby Brown. The shooting of this docu(major)drama would likely require the OK from a series of judges, wardens and drug counselors who would need to agree to let cameras go where they ordinarily don’t.

According to Whitney’s people, this is really just a Bobby thing: “As I understand it, the reality show is about Bobby Brown. If she can help her husband in any way, she of course will do so, but it’s about Bobby.” Sounds like an interesting angle. Episode One: Bobby borrows some money from Whitney. Episode Two: Honey, can I get a few more bucks? Episode Three: I know you’re in rehab, but where’s your checkbook?

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