. . . Friday April 23, 2004

Quick Update on Why Nothing Matters

Let’s take a look at some recent poll numbers related to the Iraq war.

57% percent of Americans believe Saddam gave substantial support to Al Qaida prior to our invasion of Iraq.

45% believe that during the war, the U.S. has uncovered clear evidence that Iraq worked closely with Osama.

60% of Americans believe that Iraq either had weapons of mass destruction or a major, ongoing program to develop them.

Other poll numbers we can safely infer based on the ones listed above. A large majority of Americans believe that:

Saddam was driving the white Ford Bronco.

Tariq Aziz and the Iraqi Information Minister are at least part of the answer to the question Who shot J.R.?

Ahmed Chalabi seems like a guy who is pretty much on the up and up.

Bush and Cheney testifying together in front of the 9-11 Commission will save time, and therefore tax dollars.

Iraq had ties to Simon Cowell.

Concentration is important!