. . . Wednesday April 28, 2004

The Other Killer App

Sure. Teens love their music and their MP3 players. They’ve grown up with the net and blogs and instant messaging. Email is built into their DNA. PS2? Oh, yeah! But the real teen killer app often has an unfamiliar ring (at least ringtone) to it.

Just four years ago, only about 5% of teens owned cell phones. By 2007, more than half of them will own one. And they’re not just using them for traditional calling. Teens are buying up ringtones by the millions, sending pictures, playing games, and typing and reading text messages like crazy. People between the ages of 11 and 24 will soon be responsible for nearly a quarter of the dough generated by wireless carriers (and nearly 90% of all cell phone exchanges that begin with the word Dude).

How big are cell phones in the teen market? Some analysts believe that teens are now spending 10% less on clothes and diverting that money to cell phone-related items. I suppose it would have been fun to have a cell phone back in the day. But I don’t know if there is that much upside to your having parents be able to reach you anytime, anywhere.

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