. . . Wednesday April 28, 2004

No, What’s On Second

Bush: “OK, so tell me again what I’m supposed to say about the things you told me to do.”

Cheney: “Big time.”

The performance will not be recorded. No transcript will be shared with the public. The participants will not be under oath. But let no one assume that any of this implies that Bush and Cheney don’t need to rehearse.

I must admit, I was sure that somewhere along the way the White House would come up with some bizarre reason why the President had to reverse course and decide to meet with the 9-11 panel on his own (which in D.C. lingo implies that there would of course be lawyers present). It just looks so incredibly embarrassing for Pres and Veep to tagteam on this one.

I still wouldn’t be surprised if W’s Sidekick Dick just stopped on the steps outside the meeting venue and sent the President in alone with a flick of the towel and the supportive refrain: “You’re the man.”

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