. . . Thursday April 8, 2004

No More Need for Cinemax?

I know what you’ve been thinking. Music videos are dirty, but they’re not nearly dirty enough. First the males (especially the Black males) are portrayed as being too passive and caring and not focused enough on things like, well, being a thug and strutting that pimp style. And worse, women are overdressed. They have too many clothes on. And, especially when it comes to the role of Black women in videos, they’re just too integral to the music itself and therefore they’re not able to fully express themselves as interchangeable, brainless gyrating, naked, nimphomaniacs. Well worry no more. If you can stay up late enough, you can always watch B.E.T.’s Uncut where the videos regularly go well beyond soft porn and where no pumping booty is left covered.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy these images as much as the next person. But was this really the mission they had in mind when they created B.E.T.? To create more opportunities for African Americans to be portrayed as dancing vaginas?

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