. . . Monday April 12, 2004

Nick and Jessica’s

Nick and Jessica made their variety show debut on ABC last night (heck yes, they won the timeslot). The show featured Johnny Bench (no one’s sure why), Jessica duets with Kenny Rogers (seriously) and Jewel (what ever happened to writing poetry while living out of the back of a van?), and even appearances by Mr. T, Kermit, and Kit the Knight Rider car (with whom Nick sang a duet).

Jessica was obviously the star of the show (hey come on, who really remembers Sonny’s stagecraft?). At times, the singing Simpson gesticulated so much that her duet partner looked at her like she was doing a Joe Cocker impersonation. While the show’s content was clearly being pitched as family entertainment (seemingly targeted most directly at those under the age of six), the evening’s most consistent visual topic was Simpon’s cleavage.

Think of it as family entertainment with jugs.

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