. . . Thursday April 1, 2004

Money Can’t Buy You (Self) Love

You’d think super-wealth would be enough to feed the human ego. No such luck. First Trump (already famous, already irritating, already overexposed) decided to cast himself in a reality show. Now his fellow mogul Richard Branson is set to star in a show that will follow him and several contestants as they travel around the world and live Branson’s life and face Branson’s business dilemmas.

Fox, the network behind the show, is attempting to quell suggestions that this is nothing but The Apprentice sans the hair (which could be a difficult task given that one “employee” is released – not fired of course – at the conclusion of each episode). Fox’s “top reality executive” explains: “This isn’t about selling a glass of lemonade. In six weeks, these people will experience challenges and adventures beyond their wildest imagination.”

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