. . . Wednesday April 14, 2004

Kristol Unclear

Bill Kristol in the LA Times: “I was depressed. I am obviously a supporter of the war, so I don’t need to be convinced. But among people who were doubtful or worried, I don’t think he made arguments that would convince them. He didn’t explain how we are going to win there”

And here we see the ultimate neocon rub. They thought they had found a guy with the requisite level of mental absence required so that he could be strong-armed towards certain policies, but who was also charismatic and just smart enough to sell the policies to the American people. Why was Kristol depressed after last night’s performance? Because he and his can no longer avoid the reality that their assessment was right on the former issue, but dead wrong on the latter one. And the latter one wins elections.

Concentration is important!