. . . Monday April 26, 2004

Kerry vs Cheney?

There is no question, especially when it comes to the views of those on the Left, the Dick Cheney provides an optimal target in this campaign. There is also no question that Cheney is living up to his Vice Presidential obligations and blasting away at Kerry during every appearance he makes.

But do those two factors lead to the logical conclusion that the Kerry campaign should now be attacking Cheney? Because that is apparently part of a new strategy. But no one ever won a presidential election by beating the opponent’s VP. (Unfortunately, misspelling potatoes does not spell certain defeat).

Want to attack Bush for handing over the reigns to Cheney and use the upcoming Bush-Cheney joint 9-11 panel appearance as a telling piece of symbolism? Fine. Go for it. But to win this thing, Kerry will have to go after the number one guy on the opposing ticket (or as Cheney calls him, The Man). Getting lured into a face-off with Cheney would seem to be playing right into the administrations’ hands.

Maybe it’s time for Kerry to pick a Veep and then let him or her worry about Cheney and some of the other attacks.

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