. . . Friday April 2, 2004

The Intellectual Elite

Democrats are constantly being challenged to defend the liberal label. Well, on this day, I am going to go one step further. I am a card carrying member of the intellectual elite. I am willing to set aside the internal shame that’s been built up over the years of listening to Hannity and O’Reilly. The heck with it. I am a lot smarter than dumb people. I think world events are more complex than they might seem. I think it takes more than a soundbite to explain a twenty-year career. Man, this is liberating (or is that liberalating?). I think I know more than people who know very little. I find myself wanting to listen to and read the words of those who are considered smart. I want my president to be more intelligent and informed than me.

Sometimes when I listen to Terry Gross, In get sort of aroused. I took a drama class in college and I know that World Wrestling is fake. I think the Times and the Post are evenhanded, except that they go too easy on Bush and his arch-conservative base. I have a friend who moved to France!

And I’m not the only one who’s coming out. It’s happening in Hollywood. You know those left-wing, intellectual, creative, Hollywood nut jobs? I like them too. The more creative the better. I love satire and smart humor. I prefer HBO to Pax. I can’t wait to tell my intellectual, academic-minded, liberal shrink about this outburst. Hell yes I’m in therapy. I am an introspective, self-absorbed, brainiac. I relate to Larry David, but I look down upon Jeff Foxworthy. I watch the Fab Five and the L-Word. Britney’s exposed midriff is the thing I enjoy most about her. And those charges I used to fear; the ones that accuse all creative types of intellectualism and liberalism; they don’t scare me anymore. I even like it when Hollywood shows alter their scripts just so that they can work in a line or a moment that rips Bush. Oh yeah, and I also think Franken is pretty funny.

Concentration is important!