. . . Monday April 19, 2004

I Pity the Fools

Nothing about boxing is simple. In most weight classes you’ll find at least two champs because of the maze of competing organizations, federations and gangs that offer up their own unique belts. So it wouldn’t very realistic to have only one reality show about boxing.

And sure enough, there will be two. The first one to be announced (but the second to air) is called The Contender. It’s being produced by Mark Burnett and will feature Sugar Ray Leonard training a fighter to compete against another one trained by Sly Stallone (who is not, that I know of, a real boxer). By taking this role, Stallone will apparently pass up the opportunity to star in another reality show called: The Other Action Movie Star is Governor of California and I’m Making Kid’s Movies.

The competing boxing reality show will (of course) be on Fox (the Don King of networks). In The Next Great Champ, Oscar De La Hoya (Bonaduce was booked) will train contestants to box (and one hopes, to pluck eyebrows).

Burnett has a right to be angry as he orginally pitched his idea to Fox. They passed and later announced the De La Hoya version. Hopefully all parties will be even more true to boxing and put both of the shows on pay-per-view. That way none of us will have to watch.

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