. . . Friday April 9, 2004

High and JLo Culture

As we reported, JLo is getting ready to make her now much-debated appearance with James Lipton on Inside the Actor’s Studio. Some in the Latino community are questioning whether or not Lopez is the right choice to be the first Hispanic actress to appear on the show. One reviewer complains: “If you remove the Hollywood glitz, clothes and vacuous lifestyle from Ms. Lopez, what is remaining in terms of craft that is teachable?”

Is she spending an hour in Lipton’s world of unctuous, effusive praise, or is she up for a Nobel prize? I wonder why there wasn’t a similar uproar when Jen’s ex took the stage with Lipton. Is Affleck’s technique teachable?

Lipton has countered JLo’s critics: “When the show airs, two people are going to walk on that stage. One will be JLo, the drama queen that the media owns, and the other will be Jennifer Lopez, who nobody owns.” Of course there will be a third person who joins JLo and Jennifer on stage. A bespectacled, oddly enjoyable man with a pretty serious woody.

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