. . . Monday April 5, 2004

Her Work in Anaconda was Magical

“Our students are thrilled. We’ve never had a Latina on the show before. It’s appropriate.” So said an unusually reserved James Lipton (the students were merely “thrilled?”) of his upcoming guest on Inside the Actor’s Studio. When James Caan was on the show, Lipton referred to an actor and friend of Caan’s who was in attendance and who was one of the finest actors America has had the privilege of knowing. He then asked Burt Young to please stand up and take a bow. This is nothing all that unusual for Lipton for whom effusive praise is a clear ratings winner. But if he gets that excited about Burt Young, how is he possibly going to handle JLo’s ass?

Depending on what she says her favorite swear word is; he just might explode.

Concentration is important!