. . . Tuesday April 13, 2004

Far From Howard’s End

Howard Stern was back on the air for his first show following the recent FCC fine and declared a cultural war. “We are in a war. It’s a cultural war. The Republican Party used to stand for — and I supported this — less government in your life, less intervention in your life, less control of your bedroom and your private life. They no longer stand for that. Ashcroft is out of control. He’s looking to invade your bedroom. He doesn’t want you watching porno. He doesn’t want you looking at statues. He doesn’t want you watching HBO. He doesn’t want you to hear this show. It’s absolutely out of control.”

Howard has won over at least two people so far: The Olsen Twins.

Stern may be an unlikely Moses, but more people (especially public figures and celebrities) should be following him on this one.

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