. . . Monday April 5, 2004

Enthusiasm Without Curbs

What if? That’s what I kept asking myself during a recent interview between Bob Costas and Larry David in which the latter was describing the scenes in his own life that made it to the small screen (most often acted out by Jason Alexander). What if, and I know this would’ve required a name change for the show, but what if Larry had just gone ahead and starred in the show that became Seinfeld himself?

Sure, compared to much of the other sitcom slop on network TV, Seinfeld was legendary, especially during its early years. But Jerry was always the weakest character. Almost the unwilling straight man. Imagine the other three main characters, Kramer, Elaine and George, joined in the ensemble by Larry David playing himself. Chances are that the Larry David we have come to know and love (and sometimes hate, which is what makes this so compelling – not everyone loves Larry) would’ve never made it on network air back then (or now). Network producers have always tended towards shows with a safety net and a glass is ultimately half-full mentality.

But it would’ve been better.

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