. . . Thursday April 1, 2004

D.C. Security Breach

If you’re feeling safer about the Office of Homeland Security and its ability to at least secure the Capitol, better consider this: Yesterday, a guy wearing “a satiny red jacket, embroidered across the chest and sleeves with silver sequin brocade and bearing purple-sequined military-style stripes on the shoulders” managed to not only enter the Capitol (at first, some thought it was a surprise birthday party for Barney Frank), he even met with several members of Congress. What makes this all even more scary is that he also happened to be Michael Jackson. Jacko is looking to get a hall pass from CA courts so he can tour Africa to raise money to battle AIDs.

My biggest concern? If we let Jacko travel throughout Africa, just imagine what Africans are going to think we do to Black people in this country…

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