. . . Thursday April 15, 2004

Body Checks and Balances

Jesse Ventura, who is promising that he can single-handedly provide both checks and balances, is tossing around the idea of running for president in 2008.

A few highlights from his interview on the topic:

On the rigors of a campaign:

“If it looks like I might win, there’s no telling what they would do. They’re very desperate people when it comes to third parties.” (Actually, everyone, including prospective voters, is pretty much leaving Nader alone…)

His campaign message:

“Elect someone who truly is not controlled by special-interest money. With me, you would get a true check and balance.” (Getting there, but a bit wordy, no?)

On why he might not run:

“The part that would bug me is I wouldn’t be able to get up in the night and drive to the 7-11 for a Slurpee, not without them blocking off the roads, welding the manhole covers shut, and everything else that goes along with it.” (I think we’d all be willing to agree to terms that would include the providing of absolutely no protection whenever Pres Ventura ventured out. Although I can’t promise that the guy working at 7-11 won’t lock up for the night.)

On being out of politics for a year:

The best way I can describe it is rehab. For someone getting out of office like me, even though I’ve been out for over a year now, it’s equivalent I think to an alcoholic or the drug addict going to the Betty Ford clinic.”

(I’m sure the folks at Harvard have never been so proud.)

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