. . . Monday March 29, 2004

You Paused. Then the World Did.

Without Tivo to rewind and pause the action, and without the internet to spread the images and the tingling sensations across cyberspace in a matter of minutes, it all probably wouldn’t have amounted to much. But when you add those factors to the increasing power of the religious right in media (Clear Channel, etc.) and an apparent concern among citizens that knockers are taking over the world, and you can begin to understand (even if it makes you laugh a little) how the exposure of one nipple for much less than one second could absolutely rock the media world.

Meanwhile, Miss Jackson returned to Letterman’s CBS stage where even Dave (in between drooling, blushing and basically behaving like a man in his fifties oughta) moralized after remarking about Janet’s most excellent dress: “Now, that’s almost malfunctioning, isn’t it?”

See part of the interview here (real format).

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