. . . Friday March 12, 2004

Who, What, Why and Howard

Those who aren’t regular listeners will likely be surprised to learn that Howard Stern, for the better part of the last three years, has been a pretty staunch over-the-airwaves supporter of W and Co. But with the recent resurfacing of the old FCC v Stern fight, all that has changed. Stern now often interrupts his own pleading for female guests to remove articles of clothing (a creative breakthrough given that this is radio!) with rants against the Bush administration and the religious right. Do his 8 million weekly listeners tune into Stern for political advice? Probably not. Will many people vote one way or another because of the rantings of a radio host for whom the mere mention of genitalia or a sex act can easily kill three or four hours, complete with requisite giggling? Not likely. But could the endless hammering, morning after morning, change a few minds or get a few more people out to the polls? Perhaps. And in a race this close, a few perhapses can make all the difference.

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