. . . Thursday March 18, 2004

Watching the Dough Raise

Kottke takes a look at folks from Bill Gates to PDiddy while Wonkette examines the giving nature of some DC buildings, neighborhoods and individual VIPs. I noted that Janeane Garofolo gave a total of $750 to the Dean campaign in two separate payments (proving once and for all that comedy makes better income than punditry). I was most interested in checking out the giving tendencies of my urologist (the last thing I need is for him to dispute one of my political points during a check-up). I saw no sign of a donation from him, but I’ve always sort of thought he operated his medical practice under an assumed named. Wondering who gave what (by name or neighborhood) to which candidates? For example, I just noticed that two guys named Richard Wood are both backing Bush. Check out Fundrace.org. It’s an absolute must read for anyone whose thinking about letting a neighbor watch their pet while they’re out of town.

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