. . . Friday March 19, 2004


Al Franken is inching towards more fully entering the political debate with the launch of a liberal radio network. You have to give him some credit for wading into these dangerous airwaves. Look at what happened to (the clearly brainwashed) Dennis Miller after he dropped entertainment for politics and thus checked into the DC rehab center for the once marginally interesting. When Dennis was funny, his core audience was surely drawn from among the so-called intellectual, liberal elite. If he wants back into comedy now, he’ll have to be reborn as Jeff Foxworthy. Miller now has regular bit on his show when he exchanges pleasantries with a diapered chimp (who in fairness does seem to be more lucid and certain of his convictions than most of the show’s regulars). The only real winner here is Dandy Don Meredith who now moves up a spot to have only the second-worst post Monday Night Football career.

It’s almost like the old Dennis Miller has been kidnapped and reprogrammed by a cult. So Al, if you make it, do the society of comics a great service and try to bring Dennis back (you can leave the chimp there).

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