. . . Friday March 19, 2004

Seeing the Forest Through the Bush

Lieberman: “I understand the Europeans’ unease over American power and their anger at the one-sided ways the Bush administration has exercised that power … But such decisions cannot be allowed to blind the Europeans to the interest they share with us in confronting the jihadists. In our domestic politics, it is critical that Republicans and Democrats not let the quest for partisan victory this November prevent us from working together now to achieve a national victory over the terrorist insurgency in Iraq. In the same way, it is important that our European allies not allow their opposition to many of the Bush administration’s foreign policies to separate them from America in defeating Islamic terrorists.”

This is a such a clear-cut case in which the world must lock arms. Is it short-sightedness on the part of allies or wildly poor leadership on the part of our leader?

Concentration is important!