. . . Monday March 15, 2004

Ready for Primetime Players

Al Sharpton became the latest of the Democratic candidates to formally endorse John Kerry (for the record, Nixon has offered no such endorsement). Sharpton also thrilled many in the Democratic party by indicating that his future includes an unspecified television gig (hopefully, he’s not referring to a primetime convention speech).

It’s interesting to see former presidential candidates taking to the airwaves as a next career. Currently, Donald Trump is doing great numbers and one assumes that Rev Al will quickly climb the Nielsens. From this picture, it looks like Jesse “the Beard” Ventura is either working on a remake of Grizzly Adams or is pondering a return to the WWE under the name Amish the Aggressor.

Word is that just in case, W has already been signed by Pax TV to co-host (with a to-be-named shepherd) a show that will invite viewers to gain financial independence while working from home to fight evil-doers. This idea just barely beat out an offer from Fox News to host a nightly, hour-long show in which people would call in to have the former President give them their own nickname.

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