. . . Saturday March 20, 2004

On the Offensive

President Bush stayed on the offensive (with his now patented mixture of humor and distortions) during a speech in Florida. On the economy he explained: “Oh, I know there’s some economic pessimists who refuse to accept good news about our economy. But I’m optimistic.” (So those of you avoiding work just to make a point, drop the act, drop the pessimism). Other excerpts from the White House press release version of the speech (italics mine, testosterone his):

(Applause), (Applause), (Applause), (Applause), (Applause), (Laughter), (Applause), (Laughter and Applause), (Laughter), (Applause), “I got here a little late. I didn’t get to hear my friend, Billy Ray Cyrus (Applause, but no laughter?), “Either way I’m not too worried because I’m going to keep my campaign right here in America.” (Applause), crowd: USA!, USA!, USA!, “When Dick Cheney and I came to Washington, we found a military that was underfunded and underappreciated. So we gave our military the resources and respect they deserve” (Applause, but no laughter?), “[We have] a plan to make American less dependent on foreign sources of energy” (Moment of dumbfounded confusion then Applause, Nervous Laughter), “The way to create jobs is to reelect a pro-growth, pro-entrepreneur, small business President, and that’s George W. Bush” (Applause, seriously…), “My opponent…” (Booo!), (Applause), (Laughter), “Not so long ago (as recently as this morning in fact), some had their doubts about the American character, our capacity to meet serious challenges, or to serve a cause greater than self-interest” (Applause), (Applause), (Laughter and Applause), “It’s the culture of a country that’s changing from one that has said, if it feels good, do it, and if you’ve got a problem, blame somebody else, to a culture in which each of us understands we are responsible for the decisions we make in life. (Implied Dem Response: “Oh come on! Not fair!”), If you are fortunate enough to be a mother or a father, you’re responsible for loving your child with all your heart. (Implied Dem Response: “Hell no, we won’t go. Let the government and Barbara Streisand love our same-sex invitro offspring, we’ve got an orgy to attend”), If you’re a CEO in corporate America, you’re responsible for telling the truth to your shareholders and your employees (A pause as audience members look around to see if Cheney is in attendance, he’s not, so then, Applause), And in the responsibility society, each of us is responsible for loving our neighbor (and referring to each them with catchy nicknames), just like we’d like to be loved ourselves” (As long as those neighbors don’t happen to be evil-doers, French citizens or residents of Massachusetts), “So we had a choice to make: either take the word of a madman, or to take action to defend America” (Wait, isn’t that a line from Kerry’s speeches?)…

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