. . . Friday March 26, 2004

It’s Come to This

Now the Republicans are accusing Richard Clarke of perjury (all the details in this must-read Talkingpoints piece). This is really getting ugly. The release of classified docs, the personal attacks, the broad accusations and now this. Bob Graham and others are telling the Bush team to go ahead and declassify Clarke’s earlier testimony. Just so long as they declassify all the material they’ve been hiding from the commission up until now.

This is all so obsviously a diversion. If the President can convince us that Clarke is off his rocker and that Iraq was really part of the war on terror, then he should do it. Clarke didn’t make the assertions about the grave, growing, imminent and otherwise urgent threat posed by Saddam. Nor did he hide the WMDs in Iraq. Playing the perjury card is a sign of remarkable desperation. Are we really going to write off years of consistent evidence from multiple sources (including our own eyes) as the deranged inner workings of the mind of a disgruntled employee?

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