. . . Tuesday March 9, 2004

Forget Taxes
Cut Between Meal Snacks

It’s a topic that is so clearly one the nation’s chief health concerns (and probably points to some disturbing broader cultural trends as well). Yet, the fact that most of us are dangerously fat (and/or what we plan to do about it) almost never comes up in political debates – other than in California where millions of us have started taking ‘roids and driving Hummers. But the trend may be changing. Some Governors across the country have been transformed into political versions of Richard Simmons. From Michigan Gov Jennifer Granholm (who’s going comparatively easy on constituents by urging them to walk off the pounds) : “We’ve got so many people who are fat, so many people who are smoking, so many who are not active, and that is really contributing significantly to our health care costs, not only to Medicaid but to the private sector as well.”

And no, we don’t need a Constitutional Amendment against carbs.

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