. . . Wednesday March 3, 2004

Fighting Stiffness with Stiffening

Baring a Nipple for a split second in the good old days:


Proposed hike in that fine:


Actual cost just approved by a House Committee:


Amount we should all now be willing to pay to catch a glimpse of Janet’s nobs:


Freudian use of the phrase “approved a measure to dramatically stiffen penalties” in the lead paragraph of the Reuters story covering this vote:


The fact that this part of a broader effort to limit speech and push a conservative agenda while pretending that a few words or a little flesh actually poses a threat to our homeland security (I mean is there anything more “indecent” than being exposed to several minutes of grandstanding by one of these House Committees on C-Span?) coupled with the fact that no one is doing much to oppose the trend:

Costly. Very Costly.

(Note: This bit was actually a lot more funny and pointed when I hit the post button, but all the good stuff was wiped out during a ten second deLay).

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