. . . Wednesday March 10, 2004

The Enabler

Sometimes, things backfire. Such is now clearly the case when it comes to the Bush call for a marriage amendment. While Karl and W likely assumed Babs would oppose their move, the reaction hasn’t been nearly that limited. First, comedic writers have risen to the occasion. Take a look at George Saunders’ recent piece of genius in the New Yorker (defeating my own satirical marriage amendment by a considerable margin). But, unfortunately for W, it doesn’t stop there. And it doesn’t even stop at San Francisco, Boston, New Paltz, Seattle, Chicago, etc. It turns out that more than half of all Americans are now in favor of some form of civil unions. (And let’s not kid ourselves. Marriage minus a church is a civil union. In other words, it covers all the parts of the issue that concern the state.) In fact, the number of people who support such a trend has risen, yes risen, by six percent in the last month.

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