. . . Monday March 29, 2004

Don’t Even Try to See the Forest

The 9-11 Commission (if you look at signs from the media coverage to threats of perjury charges), one might assume, is not about better protecting our country from future terror attacks by learning from past errors. It is about whose ass will be the last one left on the hotseat. After a week of blasting away at Richard Clarke (who seemed to actually look better as the pressure increased), it is now Condoleezza Rice who finds herself in the crosshairs.

But is this really about Rice? Think she was the one who has been secretly longing to go after Iraq for the better part of a decade? And does anyone really believe that Rice hadn’t really heard of Al Qaeda before a January 2001 meeting with Clarke?

Reducing the debate down to a few personalities makes for great television, but it surely misses the point.

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