. . . Friday March 5, 2004

Doing the Splits

I should have saved some headlines from the year 2000 so I could have just cut and pasted the next few months of political polling results. Guess what? We’re evenly split. Kerry and Bush are in a dead-heat and Nader could make the difference if he stays in the race. Democrats could be forgiven for being a bit worried that after several months of all Dems all the time on the nightly news, Bush (even with the WMD issue and the poor job numbers) is still neck and neck with their man. Of course a key event here or there (or say, in the border region between Afghanistan and Pakistan) could greatly alter the current polling numbers. But the way this country is split, and has been split, newspaper editors may want to keep the headline “Bush, Kerry Tied in Poll” close at hand.

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