. . . Wednesday March 24, 2004

Behind the Scream

“The 2004 Democratic nomination was decided in Iowa. John Kerry’s decision to focus his efforts in the Hawkeye State, with the support of a $6.4 million loan secured by his home, paid off handsomely: Kerry rallied in the final two weeks to upset Howard Dean, and surged to an easy win in New Hampshire just eight days later. The rest of the states then fell like dominoes.

Dean and his chief strategists; Joe Trippi, the campaign manager; the media consultants Steve McMahon and Mark Squier; and I were not surprised: winning Iowa had been the heart of our own victory plan. As was the case with so many other parts of our campaign, somebody stole our hopes along the way. This is the story of how it happened.”

The Front-Runner’s Fall . . .

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