. . . Friday March 26, 2004

And Fetus Makes Two

In a statement released by the White House late Thursday, President Bush indicated: “Pregnant women who have been harmed by violence, and their families, know that there are two victims – the mother and the unborn child – and both victims should be protected by federal law.”

Fair enough.

A law that increased penalties against those who have harmed pregnant women would completely cover this implied loophole. But of course that’s not what the new Unborn Victims of Violence Act passed by the Senate is all about. The legislation defines a “child in utero” as “a member of the species homo sapiens, at any stage of development, who is carried in the womb.” In other words, life begins at the stem cell and this is yet another place where anti-choice advocates have manipulated the law in an effort to put additional pressure on Roe v Wade.

Fair enough.

Anti-choice advocates and politicians have the right to pursue legislation they believe is right. What they have no right to do is to couch these efforts in deceptions and pretend they are seeking something else altogether. Senator DeWine of Ohio said: “It’s as simple as that. This bill recognizes that when someone attacks and harms a mother and her unborn child, that attack does, in fact, result in two separate victims.”

Of course he knows it is anything but that simple. It is much closer to what Diane Feinstein described as “The first strike against all abortion in the United States of America.”

You believe in something and want the law to reflect those beliefs? Then tell it like it is and let’s vote. Otherwise we may need to pass Unborn Victims of Hogwash Act.

Fair enough?

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