. . . Wednesday March 31, 2004

An Administration of One

Ralph Nader has heard the critics. He has received hundreds of similar letters from friends and former supporters that all say basically the same thing. “You used to be all right, but you’re just pissing us off now.”

Nader sees this reaction to his candidacy as a virus: “And the more I got of these, the more I realized that we are confronting a virus, a liberal virus. And the characteristic of a virus is when it takes hold of the individual, it’s the same virus, individual letters all written in uncannily the same sequence. Here’s another characteristic of the virus: Not one I can recall ever said, What are your arguments for running?”

Maybe Nader is onto something here. But if he continues to antagonize everyone who’s even in the vicinity of his political philosophy, he may end up having to select himself as his running mate.

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