. . . Monday February 2, 2004

Three Americas

In Georgia, there is still a heated debate (either that or an incredibly realistic remake of Inherit the Wind) over whether or not to include the word “evolution” in the public school curriculum (I once had a similar argument with a teacher over the word Math). Jimmy Carter has needed to chime in and the state’s governor indicated that the “E word” should be included in schools as what it is: An academic theory. (Amazingly, he also suggested that the superintendent opposed to evolution may have been “Thinking out loud.” Unlikely). Meanwhile, in an appearance on CNN on Sunday, Pat Robertson (whose very appearance on that network erases any liberal charges, and maybe a few sanity ones) indicated that God told him that Bush would win the 2004 presidential election (Of course, God also hinted to Robertson that Adam Vinatieri would shank his last minute field goal attempt wide right). These stories are yet further evidence that there are three Americas. The blue states. The red states. And idiots.

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