. . . Friday February 20, 2004

The One Term(inator)

Out here in California, voters did their level best to make state government a little more entertaining. We got rid of the star of the show and brought in an established action hero. But so far, it’s not really that much more fun. First, Arnold has been traveling around the state pushing a bond measure that has had trouble gaining popularity. Come on. We hire a Hollywood superstar and he gives us bond issues? Yawn. And now Arnold insists he will stand up to San Francisco and uphold the state’s laws regarding same-sex marriages. So an ass-grabber who wears elevator shoes, works out ten hours a day and drives a Hummer is going to point the finger at someone else’s sexual issues? What’s next, a state of the state speech focused on the risks of violent images in the movies and the inherent dangers associated with steroid abuse? Entertain us, Arnold. Or we’ve got one word for you: Stallone.

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