. . . Tuesday February 17, 2004

Married with Chiding

After hundreds of couples stood in line in the rain to take advantage of SF Mayor Gavin Newsom’s decision to allow legal gay marriage, the issue is back in the courts. Accoding to one of the participants, “It doesn’t matter what the courts do — I was married for a day in San Francisco.” The Mayor called the legalization of gay marriage “inevitable“. I live in San Francisco and can report with some certainty that our city did not sink into the sea over the weekend, nor did a single person turn into a pillar of salt. There were, however, hundreds of joyous unions. I suppose everyone has a right to their opinions on this, but you’ve really got to wonder about people and organizations who took the weekend off from their Janet Jackson nipple-related letter writing campaigns to dedicate themselves to stopping people who love each other from getting married.

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