. . . Tuesday February 17, 2004

Just a Little Bit Longer

And I scream at the top of my lungs

What’s going on…

– Linda Perry, Four Non Blondes

Why should Howard Dean have to drop out of the race? It makes perfect sense that some of those working for his campaign would be either looking for a finish line or looking to bail out so they can get the resume out to the Kerry team. But what of Howard Dean himself? Who is he really hurting by staying in the race? Is there a sense that Democrats need the race to be over and for Kerry to be anointed the winner? Well that’s already happened. Weeks ago this race was already as settled as next year’s AL pennant race (I mean are we really headed for a two-man race?). Dean has a large following, he played a pivotal role in shaping the dialogue and if he wants to keep campaigning, why not? Because people from Iowa and Nevada didn’t respond to his style? Why should he go quietly into the night, so Al Sharpton can get all the applause lines? Maybe it’s a media thing. The press is so much more comfortable covering the elements of the race as opposed to the elements of the debate. That helps explain why the the most relentless and aggressively posed questions in campaigns are always, When are you getting in? … When are you getting out? … and Did you inhale? In what turned out to be a defining moment of his campaign, Howard Dean screamed that he was going to damn near every state in the union. He has every right to deliver on that pledge. Besides, maybe Judy’s not quite ready to have him back home in Vermont.

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