. . . Sunday February 22, 2004

Darth Nader

Democrats had their Sunday morning ruined as Ralph announced he has decided to run for the White House as an independent (a status that may get him on the ballot in only those states where he can hurt the Dems most). Liberals have long implored Nader not to run. Nader has responded that liberals have given up on their true causes and accepted a situation in which both parties are failing, “one with a D-, the Republicans; one with a D+, the Democrats.” It’s unclear how a Nader run will change those grades much (other than to reward those with the D-). Maybe each side needs a spoiler to even things out. Anyone know what Ross Perot is up to these days?

Ultimately the impact of Ralph’s run will be up to left-leaning voters who one hopes are not foolish enough to believe that the differences between parties are so subtle. And Nader’s impact will likely be far less than in 2000 for two key reasons. One, he is already being lambasted by his core followers. Two, his potential backers have a very different view of George W than they did in the last election. In the meantime, Ralph will get his protest message out over the airwaves. There ought to be some other way to do that other than running for the White House.

The other angle that no one seems to have mentioned: Sharpton just got bumped out of last place.

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