. . . Sunday February 22, 2004

Arnold, Unscripted

Forget Nader for second. The real news on this morning’s Meet the Press was the appearance by Gov Arnold who repeatedly made Russert smile with jabs about his deltoids (seriously). Arnold also let us in on the inner workings of his gubernatorial mind with this explanation of how a budget gets cut and then uncut, Terminator style:

“Like for instance with the budget, I remember when we made the midyear adjustments, I made certain decisions of programs, for instance, for the mentally disabled and I made certain cuts. And then after that, when I talked about it, I didn’t realize that I made those cuts, so I had to go back and just say, Look, I made a mistake. I made those cuts. I did not intend to make those cuts. I want to put it back … We all talked about it. It was like literally two or three days later when we–I mean, I read it, number one, in the paper, and then we talked about it in our family. And, you know, I have been a big promoter and always involved with Special Olympics, with helping people with mental disabilities. And I said to myself, What am I doing? I’m now making cuts in programs for mentally disabled? That’s not good. I mean, so then I went back and made the adjustment.”

Arnold also took a few seconds to plug his upcoming movie (seriously) which, you guessed it, is “fantastic.”

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